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New President Elected

At the General Membership meeting held on Thursday, February 18th, a new President of the local was elected.  James Jovanovic from .2(EMS) has been elected and has now started in the position. Please hit the link below for an address by James to the membership, issuing in a new chapter for the local.

Address to the Members of CUPE 2974

EMS Sector meeting - October 2020

Thank you to those who joined us online for the sector meeting.  We have been trying hard to address issues (as well as communicate them to the members) as they arise, so we didn’t have too much new information to go over.

The primary issue of the night was clearly the voting on an extension for the partial shift book-off LOU.  In a vote of 86% to 14%, it was confirmed that the principle agreement to extend the LOU would NOT move forward.  The Union will be notifying the employer immediately that we will be withdrawing from the agreement and returning to the original wording of the collective agreement where you may book off in 4 hour increments.

Some other issues covered include:

  • There is at least one open casual part-time vacancy that the employer has allegedly stated they will not be filling for the time being.  The Union will be taking steps to correct this immediately and see to it that the employer post and fill this opening.
  • The question was asked if the employer covers the cost of physicals; It does not cover physicals however it does cover the cost of a functional abilities form if required.
  • COVID symptom related absences should not count towards your AWP status and if you receive a notification from the employer that you have been placed in the AWP program, and you feel as though this is due to a COVID mandated absence, please speak with a Union representative.
  • There was some question regarding the new deployment of the ERU, as well as if all efforts are made to fill the ERU when down-staffed.  Our schedulers make all possible effort to ensure the ERU does not get down-staffed, however it is difficult to say what effort a DC may be making.  The deployment of the ERU is based on the direction of the on-duty District Chief, in conjunction with CACC.
  • We have had a great deal of success on negotiating some recent grievances however we have many more from this year that we are still awaiting a step 2 hearing on.  Please refer to our Grievance section for more information.
  • There continues to be many issues involving meal break denials, disagreements and grievances. Members of the executive recently met with the employer for an extended effort at trying to resolve the many issues to date, with no success.  The previous grievances will be moving forward. Please refer to recent posting on the facebook page, your collective agreement as well as ask a union rep regarding any perceived violation of your rights.
  • We have an upcoming JHSC meeting as well as an LMC meeting.  Please forward any issues/concerns to the respective team representatives.

Thanks again to those who joined and participated in the shared dialogue.  It’s important to this current executive that everyone has a voice in the shaping of this local.

Hope everyone had a happy thanksgiving.

In solidarity,

Your Union Executive.


LOU - Half shift book-off renewal

The Union and the employer have met to discuss the Letter of Understanding regarding half-shift book-offs.  This LOU was set to expire by Sept. 1st, however there was a clause that required one of the parties to notify of intent to withdraw prior to the LOU coming to an end.  Some members of both parties were present for discussions and an agreement was reached to extend the LOU until the end of this calendar year.  This extension will be presented to the membership for ratification at a yet to be scheduled sector meeting.


The LOU has been withdrawn and we have returned to the original wording in the Collective Agreement where you may book off in 4 hour increments.

Pelee Island Per Diem
A concern was recently brought forward that we have since confirmed, the employer has mistakenly not followed a recent addition to the Collective Agreement where those attending Pelee Island are entitled to a Per Diem of $20. (Reminder of a24.07 of CA, you are also entitled to meal break claims on excess days on island).This Per Diem was added to the CA in 2017 as there were those of us on the bargaining team that felt passionately about acquiring this for our members. This issue is currently being addressed, however I would like to express our extreme gratitude to those who brought this to our attention.  We rely on our membership to know their rights and benefits and to notify us of these violations that we would otherwise not be aware of.  Thank you to everyone that brings issues like this forward.
Stand up for your rights… stand united,
YOU are the Union
This issue has been settled from July 2019 onward.  The Per Diem will be paid out quarterly.  There is currently a grievance in for the period of 2017-2019.

EMS Sector Meeting - January 2020

At the most recent sector meeting on Thursday, January 30th 2020, we discussed many topics, but focused primarily on more recent changes, such as the new memo regarding the requirement to be clean shaven while at work.  Though we disagree with the inconsistency in which this employer chooses to apply its H&S focus in this specific case, we must advise our members in a responsible way.  This involves adhering to policies until such time that there may be potential challenges.  If you ask to be fit tested and are denied, this is a significant concern. Please advise one of your Union Reps if and when you are denied a fit testing.

Other highlights from the meeting include

  • The official announcement on the launch of this website, which we are very pleased to bring you (its just a small step forward into what we hope is a much bigger and brighter future for this local).
  • After years of on and off negotiation, we have finalized the ability to allow for Part-Time ALS, the parameters of which are somewhat specific, so please contact a Union rep if you have any questions/concerns.
  • After a recent discovery, we have engaged in negotiation for the correction to an error of past practice in which newly appointed ALS medics conducting their consolidation period were improperly paid and scheduled.  The employer has agreed in principle to correct these issues and the final details are still being worked out.  We will update when finalized. **UPDATE** We reached an agreement that all ALS medics undergoing their consolidation will receive their ALS wage for those hours.
  • The responses we have received in relation to the meal break location grievance have been outstanding and the feedback we have gotten from our members has been unbelievable in regards to refuting the arguments the employer had previously made before the arbitrator.  Our next arbitration date is April 30th and we will send out a notice for a final push for info prior to that date.  Great job in working together and standing united for our freely negotiated rights.
  • Dustin gave an informative presentation on some common misunderstandings of WSIB claims which have caused some issues recently.   We have been forced to file grievances in order to address the issue.
  • Dan provided a Health and Safety update addressing some recent issues; one being flooding in Leamington base washrooms. A reminder that, if you are ever asked by management to engage in a task you do not feel is safe, or where you do not feel you are properly trained to perform- please contact a JHSC rep immediately.  A contact list is posted at each base.
  • As we tried out at the last sector meeting, we concluded the meeting with first holding an open floor portion.  I’m excited to continue with and expand this practice at future meetings.  This is an opportunity for anyone to openly express any suggestions, criticisms, concerns with the union local and/or employer that may not necessarily fit into other portions of the typical agenda.  We encourage anyone to please, feel free to be open and honest, for a constructive purpose, so that we can work towards addressing ALL concerns of our members.  We want ALL voices to be heard.

We have an Emergency General Membership meeting February 25th to approve this years budget and elect a bylaws committee and social committee.  Thank you to those who attended the meeting for the great dialogue.

Have an excellent weekend.

In solidarity

Your Union Executive

Hit the link for an update on *Ontario Health care restructuring

Meal Break Location Grievance

Brothers and Sisters,

Twice over the last several months, your union representatives and this employer have met in mediation to try and resolve an open grievance with hopes of preventing the need of lengthy litigation through arbitration.  This grievance was in regards to recent changes to the deployment plan where it then became common practice to place us on meal break while utilizing us for the purpose of a code 8 coverage standby. This is in violation of the collective agreement where it was freely negotiated and agreed to that they:
-make their “best effort” to return us to our assigned station for our breaks

-not assign us meal breaks while being utilized for code 8 purposes.

 We proposed a very simple solution that was in the best interests of our members, while also trying to alleviate the concerns of the employer.  Unfortunately, a deal was not reached and this grievance will be moving forward to final, binding arbitration.
This is where we will require everyone’s help. Any time when you are placed on meal break, at a base other than your original assigned station, please call your District Chief and simply ask “what efforts were made” to return you to your base.  If possible, record the run #, date, name of DC and the reasons provided to you. Do not argue with CACC, do not defy any direct order, direct your communication to your DC only and provide the details to one of your union representatives.  The response “it’s for coverage purposes” does not answer the question of what efforts were made, however do not argue in any way.  Calling and simply having your voice heard each time this occurs will be our strength. This will only require seconds of your time.
The importance of this grievance is based on the protection of both our members and of the integrity of the Collective Agreement.  Both of which are being violated through the current practice which results in the circumvention of the intention of the contract.
 The most important thing to realize is that YOU ARE the Union! If you want action, speak up! If you want change, stand united!
In solidarity
James Jovanovic

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