WSIB Exposure form


We are encouraging our members to fill out the attached wsib exposure form (above) if you transport any confirmed COVID positive patients.  WSIB will not be processing any claims unless you begin to show symptoms, however due to the difficulty of any one employee in tracking our own calls, for due diligence you can fill these forms out preemptively.  You can use your discretion and fill it out for any “screened” positive patients as well if you believe it’s a positive case and you are concerned.

WSIB is not currently accepting any hard copy claims.  You can fill out the forms directly or upload a form on the WSIB website.  From the home page, click on the top right corner (or hit this link) “Online services” and you can follow the process there.  If you don’t have a claim # (which you won’t generally for exposure forms), fax the form to 1-888-313-7373.  We recognize that access to a fax machine would be unlikely or difficult for most, so for now, fill out the form to have the information documented and available if needed and hold on to it should the time come that you develop symptoms.

If you believe you experienced a failure of your PPE, fill out a form 6 and report it to management. Still fill out the employer provided incident report, as this is required to generate the WSIB claim.  If they do not have the incident report to generate the claim and attach it to, the form 6 may be opposed later by the employer.  For the sake of due diligence, you should be doing both the incident report and the form 6 on a PPE failure and the Exposure Form for all transports of tested + cases.

Ian Nash and Dustin Anderson are our WSIB reps and you should be contacting them if you have any questions.

WSIB has a COVID-19 information page with useful information and direction provided.

Here is what each form represents. Hit the link for more info if you wish.
Form 6 – Workers Report form

Form 7 – Employers Report

Form 8 – Health Professionals Report