Essex-Windsor EMS – 2974.2

Representing a bargaining unit of nearly 300 members, comprised of Paramedics, Vulnerable Patient Navigators and crucial support staff, such as Vehicle Service Technicians, Logistics Technicians and Scheduling Clerks. CUPE 2974.2 is proud to serve the 393,402 residents of Windsor-Essex County, bringing them the highest standard of emergency medical care.


Recent Posts

Welcome to CUPE 2974 - Welcome to the official CUPE 2974 website.  We are continuing to look at any and all ways of connecting and communicating with our members, and we are happy to provide this site as a springboard to a more united workforce.  This site will continue to act as a central hub of sharing as much news ... Read more
Semi-private Hospital room coverage - Through the grievance/arbitration process, we have discovered that our members are wrongfully being charged a deductible when they stay at a hospital, utilizing our semi-private room benefits coverage.  There is no deductible that should be charged for this benefit and the hospital is being incorrectly advised by Green Shield when charging you this fee. Should ... Read more
Support Bill 191: Give frontline workers the support they deserve - Our frontline workers are heroes. They are taking care of our communities during this crisis, and we need to make sure we take care of them. Currently, COVID-19 related WSIB claims are adjudicated on a case-by-case basis. Frontline workers who are sick must prove that their contraction of COVID-19 was work-related. This is unacceptable. Frontline ... Read more
WSIB Exposure form - WSIB_Workers_Exposure_Incident_Form_2020_03_25 We are encouraging our members to fill out the attached wsib exposure form (above) if you transport any confirmed COVID positive patients.  WSIB will not be processing any claims unless you begin to show symptoms, however due to the difficulty of any one employee in tracking our own calls, for due diligence you can ... Read more
Our future with COVID-19 - To our valued members, our union brothers and sisters, our friends and family… As we enter into an increasingly stressful and challenging time, it is important to try and stay informed with the barrage of continuously changing information and newly implemented measures by the federal and provincial governments, as well as the employer. I have ... Read more
Policy change approved by County council - Attendance Wellness changes Hit the link above to view the recently proposed, and since passed change to the Attendance Wellness Program.  Previously if you were entered in to the Attendance Wellness Program due to absences, it required 1 quarter of satisfactory attendance to downgrade any 1 level within the program or be removed entirely.  With ... Read more
Unemployed Help Centre of Windsor - We are proud to support the Unemployed Help Centre of Windsor with a recent donation delivered by local President, Ian Nash.  The UHC aids several food banks across Essex County and serves as a vital resource centre for members of the public in search of employment. The UHC was supportive of our 2974 brothers and ... Read more
Bounce Back – mental health assistance - We just recently learned of an existing program called “Bounce Back” through the Canadian Mental Health Association.  It is an Ontario non-profit organization that commits to making mental health care easily reachable for all.  The program will work with you through telephone coaching, workbooks and online videos to assist those in need of better coping ... Read more
NRA 60 info - Click on the link to view an OMERS provided NRA 60 Paramedic QA