Inside/Outside Grievances

Do not presume or self interpret any information below for the means of practice of personal conduct.  If you have any questions regarding a grievance or policy issue, please contact one of your Union Representative.

Your Union representatives have done an excellent job at attaining meaningful resolutions to issues as they arise.  Because of this fact, we have the least amount of active grievances and cases at arbitration then at any time in our history.  We have no grievances for any matter arising in 2024; though this will likely change sooner or later, we will continue to seek out resolutions for our members in a constructive manner.

  • We are actively looking into an issue pertaining to our co-pay on medications being increased with Shoppers Drug Mart.  We will update members as this develops.
  • UPDATE: The Employer has advised that the issue “should” be corrected.  Please let a Union rep know if you still experience this issue at Shoppers.

2020 Grievances – 2974.1


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