2018 – EMS Grievances

2018-11-26A – Group/Policy Grievance Re. Allotted time for mandatory online training.
Status: Resolved/Withdrawn – Agreed to Settlement.
Synopsis: Employees were assigned mandatory online training modules, however not being given proper time to complete while working
Settlement: The employer will place crews out of service in order to complete mandatory training while on duty/paid for this time.

2018-11-26B – Personal/Policy grievance Re. Requirement to provide Doctors note.       [Minutes of Settlement]
Status: Resolved – Agreed to settlement.
Synopsis: Employer was demanding a Doctors note be submitted prior to 3rd day of illness despite being provided clear evidence of authentication of claim.
Settlement: As per a previously arbitrated grievance, the employer is allowed to request medical notes prior to the 3rd day of illness, if no reasonable information is provided substantiating absence.   The employer may not request a note if reasonable general information provided.  A diagnosis or personal medical information is not required.

2018-09-29A – Policy Grievance Re. Meal break location assignment 
Status: Awaiting arbitration
Synopsis: The employer has changed their practice where they are assigning crews their meal break at a base other than their original assigned station, without making “best efforts” to return them.  Crews are being utilized for the purposes of “code-8” coverage, which is in violation of the intent of the Collective Agreement

2018-07-25A – Personal grievance – Denied short term disability benefits without just cause.
Status: Withdrawn – Denied at step 1 & 2, withdrawn prior to arbitration at employees request.

2018-04-09A – Personal grievance – Discipline letter
Status: Resolved – Agreed to Settlement.
Synopsis: The employer issued discipline to an employee that the Union believed was unwarranted.
Settlement: The discipline letter given shall be rescinded and shall not form part of the Grievor’s disciplinary record for the purposes of Article 11.04 of the CA without prejudice or precedent.

2018-04-03A – Group grievance Re. Discriminatory offering of specialty training.
Status: Resolved/Withdrawn – Agreed to Settlement
Synopsis: The employer was offering a selective group within the Bargaining unit, referred to as the “DC pool”, specialty training with possible implications towards job opportunities/advancement, without regard of seniority.
Settlement: The employer has agreed to cease and desist this practice and will offer all internal training to all employees on the basis of seniority.

2018-02-06F – Group grievance Re. Selection of peer trainers outside the basis of seniority.  [LOU – Training Instructor selection] Status: Resolved – Agreed to Settlement.
Synopsis: The employer was selecting bargaining unit members for the specialty assignment of peer training instructors, outside of seniority and without clear indication on their basis of selection.
Settlement: A letter of Understanding was created and agreed to, outlining the selection process of peer training instructors, placing value on seniority while taking in to account qualifications and specific curriculum relevant certifications.

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